Task manager for small teams

Brutask is a simple to-do list for small companies or teams who
work on daily scrums and have regular stand-ups! :)

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Brutask isn't a tool, it's a Habit.

The experience is pretty much like writing your daily tasks on a sticky note. Organising your daily tasks can improve your productivity & lead to enhanced work quality.

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Brutask is not Trello

If you’re looking for features like assigning roles, adding deadlines, attachments, etc.
then please check out Trello, Notion, or something else. Brutask is efficient
in its simplicity — daily tasks & supervision.

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Add Tasks

Add & update your daily tasks, ensuring complete clarity for your managers & supervisors.



Prioritise the most important tasks of the day to the top so you do what needs to be done first.


Time Boxing

Allocate time for each task for better time management & organization.

Add members, assign managers, and supervise your team

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Siddhita Upare

How to use Brutask for your team

Siddhita Upare, Founder - Brucira

Start by asking your team members to add their daily tasks on Brutask. Then, the manager can take a quick stand-up to understand everyone’s priorities for the day.

Team members need to check off their completed tasks as they finish. At the end of the day, a wrap-up call will help you understand the day’s progress. The completed tasks disappear leaving a clean slate. Uncompleted tasks remain highlighted in red to draw attention. We developed Brutask a day before the Covid19 lockdown. It increased productivity and gave our team members autonomy without compromising on clarity for supervisors.

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