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Brutask is the simplest collaboration tool for remote teams looking to boost their efficiency by increasing individual productivity.

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Create to-do list

Timebox and prioritise

Add team members

Assign tasks

Join rooms

Attend meetings

Integrate Google Calendar

Stay connected

Brutask is less like a tool and more like your virtual office!

cracked the code of remote working for teams

The experience is almost like working in your office with your colleagues.

Stay connected all-time, full-time!

Make meetings more exciting!

Hang out with the team during break times! 🤩

Check Spaces

Brutask is different

Other task managers are all about project progress, Brutask focuses on increasing individual productivity, that ultimately improves team efficiency.

Add Tasks

Add your tasks for the day & update them. Check them once they're done.

Time Boxing

Allocate time for each task for better time management & organization.


Prioritise the most important tasks of the day to the top, so you do what needs to be done first.

Video Calls

Hop on video calls, present your screen, invite external guests & collaborate with your entire team.

Connect Calendar

Integrate with Google Calendar, join and respond to meetings directly on Brutask.

Virtual office

Navigate across floors, join a room & have fun-filled collaborations with your team.

Get started

Add members, assign managers and supervise

Pay as you grow

Wish we could give the product for free, but good things come with a price tag. Our plan starts from $15 for 10 users and $2 per additional user.


A tip to use Brutask

Siddhita Upare, Director Brutask

Onboard your entire team by sending the invite link or adding their email IDs, & ask them to add their tasks daily before beginning the day. The team can now connect over Spaces & call out their tasks. At the end of the day, re-connect on Spaces to check the progress & add tasks for the next day.